On a Tuesday, God birthed a small group of individuals from many different cultures, backgrounds and ethnicities who joined in the efforts in building a community called “New Community Life.” They met in the living room of a small white house located on Unaka Ave. in Johnson City, TN. On this day, God led Pastor Aaron to put out more chairs in the living room than usual. He coordinated many fellowships in this house before, but something in his spirit was telling him that this one was very special. Pastor Aaron contacted many people by word of mouth and had no idea how many people were coming. Overall, Pastor Aaron trusted that God would have those He wanted there. Several people arrived before 7pm, but the majority arrived between 7pm and 7:15pm. Everyone came together much like the early church. They were expecting something great! They prayed, broke bread (chili, fritos, salad, and cookies), shared in God’s Word (Mk. 1:14-20 – “The Kingdom of God is at hand”), testified of God’s goodness, and prayed some more. There was a moment when everyone was eating and one of the children walked by the center table in the living room and accidentally knocked over a cup of hawaiian punch. After a short two second pause, everyone in the living room ran over and attempted to help clean up the spill. Pastor Aaron was shocked because he had never seen anything like that before in his life. He saw the beginning of a body of unified individuals who meet for the first time and took the responsibility of being there for one another. The people there were hungry not only for God, but a community where they could share in God’s love. Before they departed, God led them to pray for every prayer request made one by one. Afterwards, everyone was full of the peace and faith of Jesus Christ that every request made was “yes” and “amen.” This day history was made in Heaven and on earth about a move of God starting in East Tennessee that will sweep the whole world.